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Kidstoylover YF-350 Sea, Land, and Air Glider with Smart Gyroscope and LED Lighting

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  • Material: Durable EPP, metal components
  • Power Source: Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Control Range: 2.4GHZ Remote Control System
  • Flight/Operation Time: 15 mins 
  • Charging Time: 30mins
  • Dimensions: 35cm*29cm*10cm
  • Water, Air, and Land Capability
  • High-Speed Operation
  • Skid Design: Narrower bottom part for improved buoyancy and reduced take-off resistance
  • Slip-On Boat Shoe Design
  • Smart Gyroscope: Enables intuitive control through leaning gestures
  • Tandem Wing Design: Enhances wind passing ability
  • Upturned Wings: Improves aircraft stability
  • Power: Equipped with two 8520 air-performance coreless motors
  • Cool LED Lighting Effect
  • Efficient Gyroscope Chip: Provides stable and improved performance


Package List:

  • 1x YF-350 Glider
  • 1x 2.4GHZ Remote Control
  • 2x Rechargeable Lithium Battery 
  • 1x Charging Cable
  • 1x Set of Propellers
  • 1x Screwdriver (for maintenance and propeller replacement)
  • 1x Quick Start Manual
  • 1x Detailed Manual
  • 1x Sticker Set (for customization)



  • Versatile Performance: The YF-350 glider is designed to seamlessly operate in air, on land, and sea, offering endless fun.
  • Advanced Skid Design: The boat shoe features a skid design with a narrower lower part, improving buoyancy and reducing take-off resistance.
  • Tandem Wing Design: The horizontal tail adopts a tandem wing design, increasing wind passing ability.
  • Upturned Wings: The wings feature an upturned dihedral angle design, improving the stability of the aircraft.
  • Super Power: The aircraft is equipped with two 8520 high-performance coreless motors to provide sufficient power for the aircraft.
  • Cool LED Lighting Effect: The Y-shaped layout of LEDs allows you to experience the unique beauty of the aircraft at night.
  • Efficient Gyroscope Chip: Equipped with an efficient and stable gyroscope chip, making it easier for novices to experience the fun of flying.
  • 2.4GHZ Remote Control System: Provides stable signal and sensitive handling. It includes a direction joystick, throttle stick, light control switch, and fast and slow switching for efficient control.
  • High-Speed Fun: Feel the thrill of high-speed performance on any surface.
  • Multi-Surface Takeoff: Enjoy the unique joy of taking off from the water and experiencing the speed and passion of water surface gliding.
  • Long-Lasting Power: The included rechargeable lithium battery ensures extended playtime.
  • Easy to Use: Navigate easily with the included remote control.
  • Complete Accessory Set: Comes equipped with all necessary accessories for immediate use, including a convenient charging cable and a screwdriver for easy maintenance.
  • Customizable Appearance: The included sticker set allows you to personalize your YF-350 glider.
  • Comprehensive Manuals: The package comes with a quick-start guide for immediate setup and a detailed manual for thorough instructions and troubleshooting.