With the rapid growth of business and more and more wholesale and distribution inquiries, we decided to open wholesale channels globally.


About us

We grow up from Tiktok; 

  1. 800K+ followers worldwide and keep growing. 
  2. 6.7M+ Likes from followers.
  3. 1.9B+ Views in total so far. 
  4. 43M+ Views, 2.2M+ Likes and 30K+ Comments of one airplane post. 



For people from any countries would like to join us and grow together has to meet the requirements as below: 

  1. Existing company and business at your local market;
  2. Minimum order quantity 50 units to start;
  3. There are certain sale channels at your local market.



  1. Good price;
  2. Traffics directs to the your local market;
  3. Aviod competition at your local market.


Contact us

Please send your request and includes (name, company, location and industry)  via: 

Email: info@kidstoylover.com

Whatsapp: +61 433590119 and +86 13250663565