An email from our customer

I am very happy to receive an email from a customer today, 
he is very satisfied with our products and services.

It can be seen from the email that the grandfather loves his 
grandchildren and always buys them toys and gifts. After first
buying a Model 530 model aircraft from our store, his grandson
loved it. So this time bought 4 more for his other 4 grandchildren.

Since model aircraft is not easy to control for beginners, we usually
send a teaching video to our guests. After getting started gradually,
people will find the fun of model aircraft. For children, it can also
exercise hands-on and hand-eye coordination.

Finally, the grandfather mentioned that he was always disappointed 
with the products he received when shopping online before, and he
was very satisfied with our online shopping this time. Therefore,
we are more determined to take the customer's needs and satisfaction
as the main premise, and make more efforts in product selection,
logistics and service in the future.