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About us

As a father of 2 children, I have more time to accompany my children during the Covid-19, and I have developed the habit of choosing toys for my children, buying toys and playing with them.


With Ten years of experience in international trade and rich experience in online shopping store operation, our team started social media tiktok, facebook and instagram marketing during the Covid-19, and founded Kidstoylover online store, which has more than 800K followers and has served thousands of customers so far. 

Our mission

Adhering to the slogan of 'happy and fun', brings happiness and laughter into more families.


Nine years of registered companies in China and Australia. The Australian company is located in Sydney and the Chinese company is located in Shenzhen. Perfect staffing can provide a series of services from product selection, pre-sale, packaging, and after-sale.


Our product

The toy products we sell are mainly for kids, focusing on developing intelligence, hands-on ability, and family entertainment.


Ten years of International trading experience and a strong product supply chain channel, which can provide you with high-quality and cost-effective toy products.


In the principle of customer first, and has a relaxed return policy, better pre-sales and after-sales service.


With more than 800k followers on tiktok, facebook and instagram social media, can better understand the needs of customers and followers.