Why Fly Radio Control Airplanes? Reasons to start this Brilliant Hobby...

Why Fly Radio Control Airplanes? Reasons to start this Brilliant Hobby...

Firstly, let me introduce myself to you. My name is Pete, I live in the United Kingdom and have been building and flying radio controlled ('RC') planes, gliders and helicopters since the mid 1980s.
Before that, when I was a young kid, I was building and flying small rubber-powered planes, thanks to my dad buying small balsa-wood kits of various planes for myself and my brother.

Dad himself was a keen 'aeromodeller' (someone who builds and flies model aircraft), so he naturally passed his interest onto his boys! We used to love building those kits, and we were lucky enough to have a field behind the house where we could fly them.

Fast forward some years and I was introduced to radio controlled planes by my cousin - firstly a simple 2-channel glider and then 3 and 4-channel glow-plug powered planes. My dad was never in to radio control, he always preferred 'free flight' model airplanes (no direct control over the plane).
My cousin taught me the basics of RC, and then I later joined a radio control model flying club.

So you can see I've been an avid aeromodeller for several decades (OK, I've had the odd break from it from time to time, but it's always been in the background).

In 2003 I started building a website about the hobby, RC Airplane World (www.rc-airplane-world.com), which is still alive today. It has helped me share my enthusiasm for the hobby, and has helped many people all around the world get started in the hobby.

But what is it about the hobby of building and flying model aircraft that is so appealing?

Well, if you have any interest at all in proper, full size aeroplanes (and gliders, helicopters etc.) then making models of them will likely interest you - even if it's just non-flying scale plastic models.

But even if you're not bothered about actually making a model aircraft, flying one is just as appealing, and thanks to modern rc model production there are countless models available that can be bought and flown without having to do any kind of assembly.

Flying a radio controlled model plane is exhilarating, exciting and can be addictive!

The fun never goes away, and even after years of flying my models I still feel the same each time I fly.

Of course, if you've never flown before then care must be taken and you must learn carefully, but I will cover that in another blog post. But learning is all part of the fun anyway, and it's very rewarding and satisfying. Just see learning as another fun part of the hobby!

If you want to build your model, rather than just 'buy and fly', then you will learn so many skills that are completely transferable to daily life.

You'll learn to craft balsa and ply wood parts, learn about different types of glues and when and where to use them, learn to apply covering materials to your finished airframe, learn model painting, work with electronic components (don't worry, nothing too technical), learn about batteries and how radio control systems work, and of course learn about aerodynamic issues and how you can make your plane do what it does.

And if you progress to internal combustion powered model airplanes, then you have all the great things about model engines, running and maintenance to learn. All that can be very satisfying indeed, especially if you love engines in general!

If you already have a practical and creative mind, then you will absolutely love aeromodelling. And if you don't, then the hobby can teach so many useful skills if you want to learn them.

And aeromodelling is a fantastic hobby to share with friends and family members. When I was in the club I was in, I remember 3 generations of the same family (granddad, father and son) all flying together - how cool is that!

Furthermore, aeromodellers are, generally speaking, a really friendly and helpful bunch of people.
We all share a common interest and passion, and we're all happy and ready to help each other out if needs be.

If you end up joining a model flying club yourself, you will have no end of friendly help and advice to hand - not to mention an excellent site where you can safely fly your plane.
If you don't fancy joining a club then that's fine too - you don't have to. Many aeromodellers (including myself these days) are quite happy flying on their own, or perhaps with just a mate or two. Either way, you'll have a blast and wonder why you didn't take up model flying before!


Well, I hope you've enjoyed reading my thoughts on the radio control flying hobby.

It really is an excellent hobby to get in to, and in my opinion - from being involved for many years - is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling hobbies out there.

And the wide availability of rc aircraft now means that practically anyone can buy and fly one, and you really don't have to spend a lot of money to have a great deal of fun.

If you want to learn more about this amazing pastime, take a look at my website at rc-airplane-world.com.
I also have a comprehensive and popular ebook available (purchase with immediate download) all about the hobby, and how to get started safely. As a thank you for reading this blog post, I have set up a special 15% discount on the ebook, just for KidsToyLover blog readers!

Just head over to https://www.rc-airplane-world.com/beginners-guide-to-flying-rc-airplanes.html and enter KTL15 at the Paypal checkout to get your special discount.

I will be writing more KidsToyLover blog posts about radio control flying - I am very passionate about getting new people in to this thrilling hobby, and I have to say a big thanks to KidsToyLover for sharing the same enthusiasm and asking me to help get you all flying!

Happy Landings!


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