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VolantexRC Ranger 600

Let's take a look at the Ranger 600 toy RC airplane from VolantexRC and available from KidsToyLover.com.

The Ranger 600 is a small (600mm wingspan, hence its name) 3-channel radio controlled airplane, the three channels being motor power, rudder and elevator. It is very simple to operate and, like so many other beginner planes these days, features electronic stabilization. This helps prevent the plane from getting in to an undesirable attitude (its position and situation in the sky) which could potentially end in a crash.

The stabilization has three modes and is switchable by a toggle switch on the top of the transmitter.

You have beginner mode, intermediate and off. When in beginner mode, which you should definitely keep the plane in if this is your first go at flying a radio controlled plane, the bank and pitch angles of the plane are kept to a minimum. This helps maintain stable control and makes the plane very easy to fly around in gentle circles.

Intermediate mode increases the bank and pitch angles, which means the plane becomes a bit more responsive - for example, you can make tighter turns and steeper climbs and dives.

With the stabilization turned off, you have full control over the plane and you can do what you like!

It's more fun to fly, but also harder - so keep with the beginner mode until you're confident and don't rush to use the other stabilization settings until you feel ready.

The Ranger 600 comes Ready To Fly and is supplied with one single cell Li-Po battery, a USB charger for the battery, a Mode 2 transmitter and a couple of spare propellers.

The Ranger is a 'pusher' configuration which means that the motor is mounted immediately behind the wing and faces backwards. It's a stylish looking plane and is very tough too.

It doesn't weigh a lot so should only be flown on calmer days (I would suggest the wind is less than, say, 5mph - a very gentle breeze at most). Anything more than this and the Ranger will be adversely effected by the wind, and not so relaxing to fly.

At 600mm wingspan the Ranger is an excellent size for flying in smaller areas, and is very convenient to transport around. The box is strong and can easily be used for keeping the plane safe when it's being transported to your flying site.

The transmitter is a basic Mode 2 (that just means that motor power control is on the left hand stick) transmitter and it needs 4 AA size batteries to operate. These are not included in the box and are the only items you will need to buy separately.

You can expect flight times of around 10 minutes from the Ranger 600, longer if you do 'climb and glide' style flying, thus using the motor less.

I can highly recommend the VolantexRC Ranger 600 as a low cost RC airplane which is easy to fly and very suitable for younger pilots. It makes an excellent introduction to the hobby of radio control flying.

If you or your child are interested in RC and want to give it a try, our team member Pete, an expert in RC airplanes, has written an ebook for beginners. This guide has helped many RC enthusiasts by providing essential knowledge and answering common questions about RC flying. Here is the link to his ebook: The Beginner's Guide to Flying RC Airplanes by Pete. A small investment for big savings— we hope it helps everyone.

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