Soaring High and Sailing Smooth: The XiaXiu Raptor H650 RC Toy Experience for Kids

Soaring High and Sailing Smooth: The XiaXiu Raptor H650 RC Toy Experience for Kids

Hey there, young adventurers and families! Today, we're diving into a thrilling review of the XiaXiu Raptor H650, an incredible remote-controlled aircraft that promises endless fun on land, water, and in the skies. This special feature is inspired by Pete from RC Airplane World's in-depth analysis, tailored just for our young audience at

Unboxing Adventure

Imagine opening a box to find a treasure inside - that's what it feels like with the Raptor H650! Its packaging is as sturdy as a knight's armor, ensuring it arrives safe and sound for your next big adventure. Despite a funny little typo on the box (a small mix-up in its name that adds to its charm), the Raptor is ready to impress with its sleek design and promise of fun.

Building the Fun

Assembling the Raptor H650 is like piecing together a puzzle of adventure. It takes about 30 minutes, plus a bit of waiting for the super-strong glue to dry. But don't worry, everything you need is in the box: the main body, wings, and even cool LED lights for those late-afternoon flights. The instructions are clear and simple, perfect for a team effort with a parent or older sibling.

The Raptor's design is fascinating, featuring a motor at the back and a sleek wing shape. It even comes with two options for the remote control, so everyone can have a chance to fly it, no matter if you're left or right-handed!

The Flight Experience

Launching the Raptor H650 into the air is where the real magic begins. It might be a little zippy and require some practice to keep it steady, but that's all part of the adventure. The built-in loop and roll function means you can perform cool stunts with just a button press!

Flying over water adds an exciting twist, turning any nearby pond or pool into your personal runway. The Raptor's ability to glide smoothly on water before taking off into the air is sure to spark the imagination of any young explorer.

Final Thoughts for Our Young Pilots

The Raptor H650 is not just a toy; it's an adventure waiting to happen. Its lightweight design and big wings make it glide beautifully, offering a unique flying experience. While it may challenge your piloting skills, it's a fantastic way to learn and have fun at the same time.

Would we recommend the Raptor H650? Absolutely! It's a wonderful introduction to the world of RC flying, offering an exciting mix of features that you won't find in any ordinary toy. Whether you're a budding pilot or looking for your next great adventure, the Raptor H650 is ready to take you there.

Happy flying, young adventurers! Stay tuned for more fun and thrilling experiences with the Raptor H650, including its water escapades. Until then, keep dreaming big and exploring further!

If you or your child are interested in RC and want to give it a try, our team member Pete, an expert in RC airplanes, has written an ebook for beginners. This guide has helped many RC enthusiasts by providing essential knowledge and answering common questions about RC flying. Here is the link to his ebook: The Beginner's Guide to Flying RC Airplanes by Pete. A small investment for big savings— we hope it helps everyone.

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Me interesa
Valor envío a Chile ?


Quiero comprar

Miguel Ángel Valdés Segura

Hi Paul, The H650 Raptor, with one battery, is priced at AUD 159.95 (approximately £83), and with two batteries, it’s AUD 179.95 (approximately £93). Here’s the product link : Raptor Tri-Mode RC Aircraft. I’ve sent Pete’s contact information to you via private message; feel free to reach out to him if you have any questions.


Hi Pete worth the £120 ?? looks cool on your video let me know thxs

Paul Roe

Pete here from RC Airplane World – thanks for sharing my video review of the Raptor H650 on your KidsToyLover blog here, that’s great :-)
I’ve since tried it on the water – – and it was a lot of fun. Just get used to steering it and keeping it in a straight line before you try taking off from water. Also keep in some down elevator when you’re driving it around on the lake, so it doesn’t accidentally get airborne before you want it to!
The Raptor is a lot of fun for not much money, and I love flying it!


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