Luiyifei YF-350 Toy RC Aircraft

The Luiyifei YF-350 Toy RC Aircraft, available from Kids Toy Lover (YF350 Link) is a small 2-channel radio control plane aimed at younger flyers, although experienced RC pilots are also bound to have a lot of fun with it, as I have been at only 54 years young!

The YF-350 has quite a unique design, with a distinctive shape that incorporates a float under each wing, enabling the plane to be driven on water. At the time of writing I haven't had a chance to drive it on water yet, but I can imagine it would be a lot of fun and perfectly able to take off from water, making it a great little float plane.

Operation is simple, although if - like me - you're used to conventional radio control aircraft with the normal control surfaces (elevator, rudder, ailerons) then it might take you a little while to adjust to the method of control on the YF-350; it has simple 2-motor differential control which means that just two electric motors control speed, height and turning.

When flying straight, both motors operate at the same speed and more power means more height and, in the case of the YF-350, loops!

When you want to turn, moving the 'rudder' stick on the transmitter changes the speed of one motor relative to the other, which results in the plane turning. Very simple, very effective!

Despite it's simplicity (intentional given its target market age group), it really is a lot of fun and loops are done simply by increasing the motor power by pushing the motor stick on the transmitter fully upwards.

The YF-350 comes with two single cell li-po batteries (it only uses one, so 2 gives you double the fun time!) and a simple USB charger, and a couple of spare propellers. The only thing you will need to buy yourself are the AAA batteries for the transmitter, it takes 3 of them.

Flight times vary, depending on your use of power, but you can expect up to 10 minutes of aerial fun from a single li-po.

My only word of warning about the YF-350 is that it should only be flown on completely calm days, or in breezes of no more than, say, 2-3 mph. Weighing less than 60 grams (2 oz) it is easily affected by wind and it doesn't take much wind to make it uncontrollable. In fact, the very first time I flew mine the wind was about 10mph and my YF-350 quickly disappeared over a far hedge and into the next field! I was lucky to find it, and it was a big lesson learned.

So to summarize... The Luiyifei YF-350 is an excellent little low-cost rc toy aircraft that kids of, I would guess, 10 years and upwards will have a lot of fun with.

If you're a parent or grandparent, your younger generation family members will love one of these and hopefully will be a step on the ladder of getting them in to the thrilling hobby of radio control flying!



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Like to get a few of them ,but I want try for my grand kids.


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The product link is in the first sentence of the blog post and can be clicked to purchase directly.


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